Someone stole my legs whilst I was sleeping.

It was a Sunday morning around March last year when I woke up to find a strange anomaly had happened during the night. Someone had obviously snuck into my bedroom and whilst I was sleeping, stole my gorgeous sleek and physically fit legs and abs and had replaced them with ones that had larger thighs and orange peel dents in them.

There is a Bunyip in my Cupboard

It was about 2 O’Clock in the morning when my eyes just opened up and bang! There it was! Standing about 8 feet tall with drool hanging from its front fang. My Bunyip had escaped out of the cupboard. I pulled my sheets over my head and screamed – GO AWAY!

Going above and beyond

Arriving at the site was incredible, there was a sea of hot air balloons in all different sizes and colours, in various states of readiness for take off. Our balloon was still being prepared and standing next to it, the nerves really started to kick in.